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Our Kindergartens

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Getting started at Kindergarten

This guide should answer most of your questions you have about starting your child at kindergarten.

How much does kindergarten cost?

All children over 3 years old are entitled to 20 free hours of Early Childhood Education per week. Kindergarten is free for those choosing to use their funded hours ECE to us. Alternatively the charge is $5.00 per hour. There is no charge for children under 3 years old who are attending our kindergartens.

When you discuss starting your child at your chosen kindergarten, the teaching team will organise a date for your child to start and advise you of the session they will join.

Prior to your child's first day at kindergarten

Before starting kindergarten you will need to complete an enrolment form. The teachers will advise you of any other information they require.

What do you need to bring

Dress your child in appropriate play clothing that you have named (remember to name shoes too!) and always bring a change of clothes! (because kids will be kids).

For children in the afternoon session, although the session is only two hours long, it is a good idea to pack a snack at kai time. You are welcome to bring a water bottle, though children have access to water throughout the session.

For morning session children, children should bring a healthy snack and drink that we have at kai time (approximately 10.15am). Teachers and children all sit down together to have their morning kai. Teachers support the children as they learn the kai time routine.

Sun Smart Policy

Sunscreen is available if you wish to apply sunscreen to your child at the beginning of session. Teachers will not apply sunscreen during the session unless out on a trip and it is deemed necessary.

No hat, No outside play.

It is parents responsibility to ensure their child has their own sunhat at the beginning of each session.

We ask that children don’t bring personal toys along to kindergarten as they can be lost or broken. However some children have a cuddly or teddy that they find comfort in having with them and may be appropriate for them to bring to kindy when they first start.

When you arrive

When you come in the gate, you will often be welcomed by a teacher in the outside area.

You need to then sign the attendance register to indicate your child is here and the time you arrived. If someone different is to pick up your child, please record this on the daily attendance register as well.

You can then help your child put their bag in one of the cubby-holes and find their name tag from the container and place it above their bag so they can find it later (and the teachers know whose is whose).

The children then have free play time to meet their friends and explore what they are going to do for the day. You are welcome to stay and join them, and most parents do for at least the first few days as your child is getting used to the new surroundings.


We strive to keep you informed about things that are going on at kindergarten, and how your child is getting on in the new environment.

Any notices or information will be filed for you somewhere in the kindergarten (all kindergartens differ slightly) under your child's first name.

Learning stories

During your child's time at Kindergarten the teachers keep a record of their ‘learning journey'. Your first introduction to this will be within the first month your child is at kindergarten. These books are a great way for you to keep up to date with how your child is doing at kindergarten and give you a glimpse of the fun exciting activities your child is doing, how they are making friends and what they are learning.

A teacher will show you your child’s learning journey book and where to find it. Your contribution to these books is always welcomed, please just let a teacher know if you are taking the book home to enjoy.

Home time

When you arrive to take your child home, you need to sign them out of the attendance register, again including the time.

Any art your child has produced can be found in the art box (a teacher will show you where this is) for you to take home.

During your time at kindergarten, please feel free to approach teachers to discuss your child's progress or any concerns you may have.

How can you help?

We welcome your involvement into kindergarten sessions to share in the children’s activities. We also really appreciate any help you can offer with occasional odd jobs to keep the kindergarten running smoothly.