Our Kindergartens

Great kids, great environments and great teachers, create great communities for learning

Our Kindergartens

Throughout the Marlborough region we have seven kindergartens, from Picton, through Blenheim and west to Renwick, you are likely to have a kindergarten near you.

Marlborough kindergartens have been part of our community for nearly three quarters of a century. We have generations of Marlburians who have discovered the wonder of learning at kindergarten, and often have children attending the same kindergarten their parents did.

Kindergarten is a great place to network with other local parents, and be involved in a strong supportive community.

Choosing the right kindergarten

When looking to enrol your child into Kindergarten we suggest visiting a few Kindergartens to see which suit you and your child.

While our kindergartens share all the benefits of being a part of a larger organisation, such as resources, administration support and shared knowledge, they are all individual and unique in their approaches to teaching.

Some kindergartens have a strong interest in drama and arts, others have an emphasis on nature and the outdoors, while yet others may focus on science and discovery.

As we  mentioned earlier, we highly recommend talking to and visiting a few kindergartens to find the one that best suits your child.

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