Great kids, great environments and great teachers, create great communities for learning

Why Kindergarten?

Everything your child sees and experiences is a learning opportunity. Your child is growing and developing physically, mentally and socially faster than they ever will again. As a parent, you want the best for your child.

We believe Kindergarten is the best place for your child because everything we do at Kindergarten is focused on helping them become happy, healthy, confident learners with skills for the future.

Professional teachers

Marlborough Kindergarten teachers are passionate professionals committed to extending children’s early learning.

Because of the kindergarten community, we are fortunate to have an incredibly stable team of teachers in each of our Kindergartens. This stability is a huge benefit to your child who is able to build strong relationships with their teachers.

To support and extend your child's learning, our teachers:

  • Engage in sustained and meaningful conversations with children
  • Guide children to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Integrate early literacy and numeracy into children's learning experiences
  • Work alongside children to sustain and extend their play interests

Learning together

Our programmes are built around children’s emerging interests, strengths and experiences.

With each individual child, our teachers actively notice their interests and recognise the significant learning that is occurring. They then plan how they work with the child to support and encourage their learning.

When children are supported by teachers to plan, carry out and review their own learning activities, they are more purposeful, confident and persistent in their learning. You will notice that children are excited about and engaged in their learning.

Play environments

Every one of our seven kindergartens is designed to offer exciting, fun and challenging environments with quality resources which inspire and extend children's natural learning and development. They invite children’s exploration, encourage their social interactions and enrich their creativity.

Parent participation

Working in partnership with parents and whanau builds a community of learners that links parents, children and teachers into learning together.

Parents are welcome to stay at Kindergarten at any time to join in and contribute to our activities.